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The game

Centuries ago a band of pirates cunningly stole a fabulous treasure from witch Armagal. Little did they know: one of the treasure chests carried a strong spell. When pirates were hiding the treasure the spell escaped from the last chest. Huge magical force turned the jewels in the chest invisible and spread them across the area. All pirates turned into ghosts and got the assignment to guard the treasure from here to forever. Your task is to find and collect all the jewels. Some are floating around the area, some are underground in treasure chests. Strong magic continues to guard the treasures and you need special skills and speed to avoid the ghosts and succeed in your mission.

In TrezrHunt you control the game character, Eddie, by moving yourself outdoors. Run north, Eddie runs with you. Walk east, Eddie walks too. Move around avoiding ghosts, collect jewels, find treasures and trap ghosts to earn points.

The game is now available for iPhones and Nokia phones.

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The developers

TrezrHunt game has been developed by Team Action Zone (TAZ), a company based in Tampere, Finland. TAZ develops innovative outdoor games that make people move around with a smile. TAZ games utilize latest technologies and are designed to be easy to learn.

TAZ also arranges outdoor game events, which are especially suitable for company teams of different sizes and groups of buddies in general.

Learn more about us at TAZ website.

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TrezrHunt - Outdoor fun

TrezrHunt - Serious sports exercise


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